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When most people consider serious, immobilization car accidents often represent injuries that affect the main parts of the body, such as the head, back, and neck. While these are the typical injuries that often arise as a result of a car accident, knee injuries are also common after a collision that can have a negative impact on the ability to work, participate in daily routines and even walk.

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How Knee Injuries Occur

Injuries to the knee can occur in any type of accident, including, without limitation, a rollover, side impact (or T-Bone accident) or reversal accident. Whichever form of accident, however, knee injuries usually arise when there is a rapid blow to the knee, or a person’s leg is twisted or pulled to the point where the hyper knee extends beyond its normal position. This commonly occurs when a person’s knee comes into sudden and blunt contact with the dashboard of a car, the steering column, the window, the roof or the door of a car.

The Most Common Forms of Knee Injuries

During an automobile accident, the most common form of knee injury resulting from a car accident is known as an ACL injury, which refers to damage to the anterior cruciate ligament. (Which provides the primary restriction to the forward movement of the shin bones). This injury covers approximately 70% of all known injuries, either by a car accident, sports injury or the like. An ACL injury occurs when the knee joint is forced into an extreme form of twisting, causing the ACL to tear. The damage can range from minor pain without joint instability to a serious injury involving a rupture between the ligament and the bone, resulting in joint instability and, often, severe disability.

Another typical knee injury that is often sustained by car accident victims is a tear to the MCL or median collateral ligament. The MCL ligament controls the flexibility of the knees and can present intense instability, pain, and swelling when injured. MCL injuries typically occur when there is a strong force that hits the side of the knee, resulting in the stretching or tearing of the MCL.

Whatever the type of knee injury suffered, it can lead to a lifetime of hardships, painful surgeries, rehabilitation and more.

Seeking Compensation for His Knee Injuries

People have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving knee injuries should immediately contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to evaluate their case. You could be able to receive compensation for your damages arising from the accident of the negligent driver involved. Compensation can include coverage for lost earnings, property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, permanent disability, rehabilitation, and more. It is crucial that you consult a local attorney as so soon after the accident as possible for the vital evidence to be gathered to establish your strong case and maximize the compensation you are legally owed.

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