What does a personal injury lawyer charge in legal fees?

The forces inflicted upon the body in a motor vehicle crash can cause unspeakable injuries. There is no predicting what will happen to the occupants of a vehicle when a car collides with another vehicle or other hard objects like a tree or a wall. Wearing a safety belt and riding in a vehicle with […]

Brain Damage Settlements in Illinois

Skull fractures are common injuries experienced after car accidents in Illinois. Unrestrained motorists run the risk of sustaining a skull fracture if they strike their head on the dashboard, support pillars, steering wheel, windshield, or another hard object in the car. Naturally, the risk of sustaining a skull fracture can be reduced by using a […]

Free case analysis car accident attorney in Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO, Ill. — Two police officers sustained injuries, and a third person was hurt in a South Side crash. The operator of the car who caused the accident went to the hospital with minor injuries and the two police officers riding in the cruiser was also injured. They went to local hospitals as well. ABC 7 […]