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Study Shows that Cities with Ridesharing Companies Such as Lyft and Uber See a Rise in Auto Accidents UNITED STATES – According to an online news article published by, a recent study reveals that cities with ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber are seeing an increasing number of auto accidents. The University of Chicago and […]

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ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS – As reported in an online news article published by, one person was killed and two others injured in an early evening head-on collision.  According to the Rockford Police Department, an early evening two-vehicle accident resulted in the death of a 54-year-old woman, and injuries to a 15-year-old male passenger along with a […]

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Head-on collisions result in some of the most severe auto accidents, frequently leading to catastrophic injuries that often are fatal.  Head-on collisions happen for a variety of reasons, and while there are common causes of all auto accidents, each accident is unique.   Examples of common causes of head-on collisions include, among others, the following:  Inattentive driving, […]