Car Accident Brachial Plexus Injury Settlement Lawyers in Illinois

Chest pain is a non-specific injury a car accident victim might feel and can indicate a number of injuries. Injuries from an accident that cause chest pain range from a contusion on the breastbone after striking the steering wheel, seatbelt, or airbag or to a massive vascular injury which can be fatal. Therefore, a car […]

I feel, do I need a slip and fall lawyer.

Premises liability is the general term that describes an incident that injures or kills another while the victim was on another’s land or property with permission. Some examples of Chicago premises liability accidents include slipping and falling at a store, getting food poisoning after eating at a local restaurant, suffering a dog bite, drowning, and […]

What Should You Do When an Insurance Company Disputes Your Version of the Accident? Insurance companies exist for the sole and exclusive purpose of making money, just like every for-profit corporation. With that understanding, it is easy to comprehend why insurance companies, whether yours or a third-party’s, may dispute your version of events.  Disputing your […]