Boater Still Missing, Three Dead in Tragic Maritime Accident

CHICAGO, Ill. — Three people died, and one person remains lost after a boating accident that occurred in Forest View, which is a southwest suburb of Chicago. Four friends went out for a ride on a small boat and never returned. CBS Chicago reported that the authorities found a small pleasure boat with all but the bow, or front, of the boat above water. The incident happened along the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.  Authorities are trying to determine what happened and why. Search, and rescue teams found three of the four boaters. Authorities presume the fourth person who is still missing, dead. The matter remains under investigation with several law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement does not have many leads to pursue at this time of the investigation into a pleasure boat that was broken apart and sunk. Authorities said that based on an initial examination of the boat, they are pursuing a theory that the small vessel struck something, or something hit it. The collision broke the small boat apart. A photograph of the vessel shows that the boat suffered catastrophic damage when it collided with another object. 

Search, and rescue teams scoured the vicinity of the accident to locate victims of the accident. Rescuers found one of the boaters in the area of the Forest View Marina. Coincidentally, the man worked at the marina. Investigators found the man deceased in the water the day after they found the boat. Investigators said the deceased boater was wearing a life jacket. Authorities located another body the two days after the accident and the third body a day after that. Investigators did not indicate whether those two victims wore life vests at the time searchers located their bodies. Police from the Department of Natural Resources continues to search to find the missing boater. 

Investigators did not say for how long their search to recover the remaining victim would last.


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