Brain Lacerations in Illinois Car Accidents

The forces inflicted upon the body in a motor vehicle crash can cause unspeakable injuries. There is no predicting what will happen to the occupants of a vehicle when a car collides with another vehicle or other hard objects like a tree or a wall. Wearing a safety belt and riding in a vehicle with modern technology that deploys airbags is no guarantee that the car accident victim will not sustain a traumatic brain injury. The same is true for a pedestrian, motorcycle rider, or bicycle rider if they are struck by a car. Even using all of the protective gear and safety measures available cannot guarantee the accident victim will not sustain a head injury.

Traumatic brain injury describes a large number of potential injuries inflicted upon the human brain, including lacerations. Brain lacerations are a cutting or a tearing injury to the brain matter and membranes surrounding it. Physicians describe brain lacerations as focal injuries because brain lacerations occur at the site of the injury or the focal point of the contact between the skull and a hard object. 

Brain lacerations occur when the victim suffers a sharp, direct strike to the head. Imaging will show that a contusion and skull fracture are also present at the site of a brain laceration. Notwithstanding, a brain laceration could occur in the absence of a skull fracture. 

Brain lacerations are commonly located in the frontal lobe and the temporal lobes. The brain tissue gets stretched and pulled and then essentially rips. Interestingly, the tearing away of brain tissue along with membranes can sometimes go undiagnosed. Sometimes this injury might seem like a headache or a mild concussion and experience no loss of consciousness. Brain bleeds are hazardous medical conditions. Therefore, it is vital to get checked out if you suspect that you injured your head in an accident. The treating physician should order diagnostic imaging to understand what injuries the victim sustained. 


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