Building Your auto Accident Injury Case for Trial May Help You Avoid Court

Your pain and suffering from a car accident in Chicago are a game to insurance companies. Insurance adjusters know that they can settle a case quickly for little money or hold out in the long term and play a game of “chicken” with you to see how long you will wait before accepting their offer out of desperation. Therefore, preparing your case from the start as if it must go to trial is inevitable will help persuade the insurance company that you deserve a just offer to settle your claim before even setting foot in court.

Insurance company claims adjusters will review your claim when the file arrives on their desk and form an impression about the case. Then, they will analyze your file to see the cost of your medical bills and how much money you lost because you were out of work. Those figures are not set in stone and will likely increase depending on the nature of your injuries and the length of your recuperation. Notwithstanding, the insurance company will rely on a computer program to determine the value of your case. The insurance adjuster, who owes the insurance company a duty of loyalty as an employee, will try his or her best to reduce the insurance company’s costs.

Building your case as though you must bring your claim to trial can help you avoid going to court. Documenting the scene thoroughly, taking photographs, collecting all police reports, hiring an auto accident reconstruction expert or obtaining a copy of the reconstruction report filed by police, obtaining all medical reports, estimating future medical expenses, lost wage reports, tax returns, and witness statements will prove to the insurance company that you are ready for trial. Your preparedness should demonstrate to the insurance adjuster that your claim is worth more than his or her computer system says it is and offer you a reasonable and just settlement amount. 


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