Calculating Lost Earnings After Illinois Car Wrecks

Not every physical injury heals, but with medicine, rehabilitation, and time, physical wounds will repair themselves. On the other hand, money does not replenish itself. We all have a window of time in which we can work. For some, that window is longer than others but is finite none-the-less. Therefore, not being able to work because of a car accident in Illinois caused by someone else deprives you of the right to earn as much money in your lifetime as you can. 

Some unlucky people are permanently deprived of working ever again after an accident. Those unfortunate people did nothing but be in the wrong place. Yet, they unfairly suffer the consequences of another driver’s carelessness. Some of those people who were grievously injured might be able to return to work in a limited capacity while others might never get back to work again. 

Loss of income has a greater implication that just the wages you lost in the aftermath of your Illinois car accident. Lost income means losses of other benefits in addition to a lost salary. Lost vacation time, used sick time, missed opportunity to contribute to 401(k) plans, pension plans, paying for healthcare insurance, and other employee benefits. 

There is another component to lost wages for which an injured plaintiff must account to realize full compensation for damages. Lost ability to earn is the compensation you could earn in the future but be deprived of that chance, either partially or completely, because of the accident.

Possible lost earnings are difficult to calculate. Several factors play into consideration, such as your professional background, education, training, the severity of the injuries, and loss of bodily function as it relates to job retraining. Your standard of living and the area in which you live will also play a role in calculating your lost earning potential. 


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