Car Accident Back and Spine Injury Lawsuits

Back injuries are frequently caused by car crashes where the forces of the collision lead to a jarring of the person’s spine.

One of the most common car-accident caused back injuries is whiplash. When a person is in a crash, even a minor one, the head, and neck can be propelled and then stopped in quick succession all while the rest of the body remains still. This injury can show up within hours of a crash, or it can take days to develop. Some instances of whiplash are severe and need to be treated.

Spinal fractures can also take place. These are frequently the result of the lower part of a person’s body remaining in place while the upper part is jostled around. This can occur because a seatbelt did not properly function. Some spinal fractures are minor and simply require rest and immobilization. More severe cases will require surgery.

Herniated disks can occur because the disks that are between vertebrae and that cushion the vertebrae can shift in a crash and cause severe pain and numbness. Patients who suffer these injuries are treated with physical therapy and pain relief, and in serious instances, with surgery.

Spinal stenosis is an injury that is not typically caused by car crashes, but that can be aggravated by a collision. This type of condition could have been made worse or become symptomatic only because of a car accident.

Spondylolisthesis occurs because stress fractures cause a person’s vertebrae to shift out of place. Patients receive surgery, physical therapy or both for treatment of this condition.

Some of the scariest back injuries are those that impact the spinal cord. These injuries happen when a person’s spinal cord is severed or bruised and can lead to paralysis.

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