Car Accident Coma Settlements in Illinois

Car Accident Coma Settlement Lawyers in Illinois

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The force and trauma that is applied to the occupants of the vehicle during a car accident or pedestrians hit by a car can cause catastrophic injuries that permanently and dramatically affect the life of the victim. Although the coma does not guarantee grave permanent injury or death, it does indicate that the patient has suffered a significant injury. Also, a coma often means a long hospital stay and escalating medical costs.

Although family members will concentrate on a coma victim recovering consciousness and fully healing, medical expenses can suddenly reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our Chicago auto accident coma attorneys recognize that families are scared and worried when their loved one is in a coma, so we represent our clients with compassion, while tenaciously protecting the rights of our clients and pursuing recovery. More complete.

At Stein & Shulman, LLC, our attorneys have a proven track record built on success by taking large national insurance companies in and out of the courtroom. Our attorneys have recovered more than $ 40 million dollars for our clients in verdicts and agreements. While our law firm offers sophisticated representation in litigation associated with large companies, we take pride in providing you with the most typical positive customer relationship experience of the smallest companies. Our attorneys understand that people who have suffered severe injuries may be worried about the litigation process and the status of their case, so our attorneys have a policy of trying to return customer calls the same or next business day later than. This commitment to timely communication combined with 45 years of combined legal experience allows us to obtain favorable results while reducing the stress associated with an unknown process.

Working with Loved Ones During a Coma

If the loved ones are in a coma, they need someone to take care of them and to represent their best interests. Because our law firm has represented victims of coma, we work efficiently with parents, caregivers or guardians who fulfill this role. The legal nuances of these cases can be difficult, especially if a coma victim dies, so the case changes from a personal injury claim to a death action for negligence. Our law firm handles the legal and insurance complexities and hassles, so loved ones can focus on their family member’s recovery.

The Needs and Expectations of the Post-Coma Victim

While patients injured from a coma in a car accident require extensive medical attention, they will experience other medical concerns and life changes when they wake up from their coma. In many cases, patients with prior coma suffer permanent brain damage, which may require the need for long-term care or other forms of support services. If a car accident victim remains in a coma for a prolonged period, he or she may need extensive physical therapy due to muscle atrophy even to participate in basic tasks. Expensive physical and psychological treatment is often necessary for patients to become conscious after long commas.

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Our traffic accident coma lawyers work closely with medical experts, accident reconstructionists, engineers and others with specialized knowledge so we can build a persuasive case for our clients. The committed and experienced attorneys at Stein & Shulman, LLC understand the unique difficulties faced by coma victims and their families, and our attorneys work hard to alleviate this burden. Our law firm offers you extensive experience and a proven track record of obtaining essential verdicts and agreements for our clients. Stein a& Shulman, LLC invites you to contact us today at 312.422.0500 for your free case evaluation.