Car Accident Head Trauma Lawsuits

Head injuries often occur when a person is involved in a car crash. Head injuries are serious and even when there might be no outwards indications like bumps or bruising; aperson could have experienced a brain injury, which can be dangerous.

Sometimes a person who is in a car crash will experience outward signs of a head injury because they struck their head on the dashboardor steering column. Sometimes a head injury will be apparent because the person islosing consciousness. But in other situations, the symptoms are delayed and less outwardly obvious. Even a person who does not strike their head on a hard surface can suffer an injury from their brain striking the inside of their skull because of the impact. While there might not be obvious outward signs in this situation, the brain could still be injured.

Concussions are extremely common in car crashes. Concussions often heal in a matter of weeks, but they do lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms, including fogginess, headaches, andconfusion.

In more serious situations, people experience traumatic brain injuries. These can involve some of the same symptoms, such as confusion, lightheadedness, anddizziness. Some more severe symptoms include repeated vomiting, slurred speech, headaches that get  increasingly worse and do not go away, loss of coordination, enlargement of pupils, convulsions or seizures. Numbing and tingling in the arms, increased confusion, and loss of consciousness that persists for minutes or hours.

If a person has these symptoms, it is important that these seek out immediate medical attention. A traumatic braininjury is a serious condition that can in some instances prove deadly.

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