The Car Accident Insurance Claims Process in Illinois

Statistically speaking, the chances are high that you will be involved in a car accident in your lifetime. Hopefully, you and the occupants of your vehicle will walk away unscathed. Even if you suffer no injury or a minor injury, you will need to deal with an insurance company. If you were not at fault in the accident, then you will file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This process could be daunting even if you sustained a minor injury. The insurance settlement process becomes infinitely more complicated when the injuries are serious. That is why you must retain an experienced, successful, and aggressive Illinois auto accident attorney to help you with your auto insurance claim and win the largest settlement possible with consideration to the facts and circumstances of your claim.

Settling cases with insurance companies can be very difficult. The large insurance companies that insure the majority of vehicles in Chicago and across Illinois may be customer friendly, but their claims adjusters are challenging to persuade when negotiating a settlement of a third-party claim favorably for the injured accident victim. Insurance adjusters are not advocates for the injured. Instead, the adjusters are in a position to evaluate the case and try to offer as little money as possible, if any, to settle the claim. It takes a skilled negotiator who asserts a compelling claim to maximize the victim’s settlement.

An injured party can take several steps to assist his or her attorney to make the most compelling case possible. You should accumulate all of your medical records relating to your crash. A complete history of your injury will show the insurance company that the accident caused your injury and not another incident. Similarly, assembling all of your medical bills and incidental costs will demonstrate the massive medical expenses caused by your accident. Also, having all of the police reports involved in your accident will help convince the insurance company of the seriousness of your claim. Lastly, lost wages and employment information are vital to the success of your claim. Compile all of the documents that will help prove your economic loss like W-2s, income taxes, and have your employer verify your information.

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