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What Should You Do When an Insurance Company Disputes Your Version of the Accident?

Insurance companies exist for the sole and exclusive purpose of making money, just like every for-profit corporation. With that understanding, it is easy to comprehend why insurance companies, whether yours or a third-party’s, may dispute your version of events. 

Disputing your version of events gives the insurance company against whom a claim is filed a better chance to negotiate a reduced settlement or deny settlement and force the victim to file a case in court. In other words, pushing back makes it difficult for the accident victim. Insurance carriers can force victims into nuisance settlements or agreeing to a damage amount well below the actual value of the claim.

All is not lost if the insurance company denies the claim and commences an investigation. The insurance company is not automatically in the right just because it disputes your claim and sends out an investigator to look deeper into the facts of the accident. The company could initiate an investigation because the company’s insured told a version of the accident that differs significantly from yours, or because you have had a bad streak of luck and had more than one accident. Multiple accident claims send up red flags in the insurance industry. Companies will fight hard to avoid paying damages to an accident victim for injuries not caused by the company’s client but by another driver stemming from some other incident.

Insurance companies will fight back when the evidence is not clear. Vague witness statements or hazy memories can hinder your claim. These scenarios give the company an opportunity to dispute your case because they are not sure what happened.

What Can Be Done When an Insurance Company Denies My Accident Injury Claim?

Filing a claim with the Illinois Department of Insurance for bad faith negotiations is one method of attack. The Division of Insurance cannot pay the claim but can investigate the insurance company for unfair settlement practices which can inure to your favor. The other method of fighting an insurance company who disputes your claim is to overprepare. Having all of the evidence you need to prove your case to a jury may help the insurance company realize that you have a genuine damage claim and that you mean business. At that point, the insurance company could settle for the amount you want because they stand to lose much more if they allow the case to go further.


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