Car Accident Lawyers in Germantown Hills, Illinois Discuss Fatal Crash

Car Accident Lawyers in Germantown Hills, Illinois

Multi-Vehicle Crash Claims the Life of a Young Woman

Germantown Hills, Illinois— May 13, 2018 (The Pantagraph) According to a report by The Pantagraph, a nineteen-year-old woman dies in a three-vehicle wreck. The accident happened on state Route 116, near the intersection with Byerly Road. A preliminary investigation into the crash indicates that the eighteen-year-old driver of a black pickup truck was driving east, and she lost control of her vehicle. The truck hit the guardrail in the median. The collision sent the truck onto the westbound side of the roadway, where it struck a car. Debris from that collision then hit a van. Traffic was redirected around the crash scene for several hours.

The driver of the sedan, nineteen-year-old Kennedie Vote, was pronounced dead at the accident scene. The driver of the van received treatment at a hospital for minor injuries. The driver of the truck received a citation for improper lane usage. Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident.

This deadly automobile accident is an example of a type of car crash called a chain reaction accident. In a chain reaction accident, one event sets off a series of other events in a chain reaction that eventually involves multiple vehicles. In the situation described above, a single vehicle went out of control, hit the median, and careened onto the other side of the roadway, where it collided with a second vehicle. The chain reaction continued, as debris from that second collision hit a third vehicle, the van. Fortunately, the chain of events stopped there and no additional vehicles got ensnared in the wreckage. Unfortunately, by the time that the chain reaction had run its course, a life was lost. Chain reaction accidents are dangerous, damaging, and, unfortunately, all too often deadly.

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