Who Pays Medical Bills Arising from a Car Accident: What Are PIP Payments?

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Explains Who Pays Medical Bills Arising from a Car Accident and What Are PIP Payments?

If you are involved in a car accident, your medical bills might be paid from a variety of sources based on your situation.  Given the high cost of hospital bills and other medical expenses, car accident victims can see their medical costs spiral out of control until the burden is overwhelming.  While the stress of mounting medical expenses might make an accident victim feel the need to get a loan or sell personal property to pay the bills, insurance coverage or recovery in a lawsuit might pay these costs.  In this blog, our auto accident lawyers discuss the way medical bills are paid in a car accident.

Understanding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage in Illinois

Personal injury protection (PIP) in Illinois is not required in the State of Illinois. PIP is no-fault insurance that can be added to your automobile insurance policy.  Even if you receive a traffic citation or you otherwise are at-fault for causing a collision, you still have the right to have medical expenses covered under your PIP coverage.  The policy limits for PIP coverage are usually about $25,000 per person or for bodily injury arising out of a car accident if a physician, PA, dentist, or advanced nurse practitioner concludes the crash victim suffered an emergency medical condition.

Covering Medical Expenses Exceeding PIP Benefits

When drivers are involved in a serious auto accident, the medical bills incurred often exceed the $25,000 PIP coverage. So you may want to consider a higher amount of coverage to financially protect you and your family. These additional medical bills over the coverage limit should be submitted to your health insurance carrier.

Once your PIP coverage has been exhausted, you need to submit invoices to your health insurance carrier immediately.  The health insurance company also needs a letter from your PIP insurance company indicating that the PIP coverage has been maxed out.  Sometimes the health insurance company might deny the claim when the auto and first party coverage is not submitted at the time of the medical appointment.  While you can appeal to your health insurer, delayed notice can result in denial of your claim.

Pursuing a Lawsuit Against an At-Fault Driver

If you were in a car accident caused by an unreasonably careless driver or a vehicle defect, such as a faulty ignition switch, you could pursue a claim against the other driver for any medical bills not covered by PIP.  Under Illinois law, if you win your case, you can recover the reasonable value or expense of medical care, nursing care, and hospitalization necessary or reasonably obtained by the injured person in the past or to be so obtained in the future. The defendants in your personal injury claim may also be liable for a certain percent of your medical bills that PIP does not pay and property damage.

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