Car Accident Vision Loss Lawsuits

Of our five senses, people generally say that their vision is one they would never want to go without. Our eyes quite literally are our windows to the world. It is almost unimaginable how devastating losing one’s eyesight would be if the loss of vision happened naturally. The sense of loss might be that much higher if you lost your eyesight or suffered another severe eye injury in a motor vehicle collision caused by another’s negligence or recklessness.

Eye injuries sustained in car accidents can occur in many ways. Debris can invade the eye and cause irreparable damage to the various structures therein. The eyeball itself could be cut by flying debris sprayed about the car in the aftermath of a forceful collision. Additionally, the force of impact could cause a massive head injury that could cause temporary or even permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

A car accident victim who sustained an eye injury will most likely require surgery to repair the damage. Eye surgery is a delicate and complicated medical procedure. The recovery time needed to convalesce from eye surgery could be lengthy. Despite the lengthy time required to heal from eye surgery, there are no guarantees that your sight will return, or if it does, your sight will be restored to the way it was before the crash. You could lose the ability to perceive depth, lose the ability to follow an object, and no longer be able to visually fixate on a particular item. Your vision could turn blurry, and you could lose your peripheral vision as well.

Your life will radically change if you lose some or all of your ability to see. You may lose your independence because your eyesight is not keen enough to drive. Therefore, you must rely on others for transportation. You could suffer professionally and may even have to change jobs to accommodate your loss of vision. You may also need to reside in a rehabilitation facility while you learn to live with your diminished ability to see.

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