Car Accidents in Clarendon Hills, Illinois Due to Icy Roads

Icy Roads Cause Five Wrecks in One Morning

Clarendon Hills, Illinois– April 19, 2018 (Chicago Tribune) According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, three people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries after icy roads caused two accidents in one area and three crashes in another. All of the injuries that required hospitalization happened during the first wreck, the people who got hurt in the other four collisions received minor injuries and received treatment at the crash scenes. Two of the wrecks occurred on the stretch of Route 83 that runs between  Ogden Avenue and 55th Street.

The first crash happened early in the morning when four vehicles collided on southbound Route 83 at the Burlington Avenue bridge. All three people injured in the crash were in the same vehicle. The occupants of the other three vehicles were not injured. Then, a single-vehicle crash pushed part of the median barrier onto the northbound side of the road, and a section of the road had to be closed for a while until it was repaired. The other three accidents happened in Hinsdale. Two were rear-end crashes on the northbound ramp to Route 83. The third wreck in that area occurred around 6:30 in the morning.

When it’s cold outside, and the sun shines on rain or snow-covered roads, the heat from the sun melts ice that may be on the road surface. The cold air refreezes the melted snow and ice, causing slippery road conditions. Drivers often have a hard enough time seeing the ice on the road, and things get even more dangerous when there is glare from the sun, and it becomes even harder to see whether the road is icy. Drivers must use caution when driving in cold weather because even a little moisture on the road surface can cause icing.