Car Crash in Goshen Sends One to Hospital in Goshen, Illinois

GOSHEN, Ill. — The Goshen News reported that a woman from Middlebury, Illinois required hospitalization after a two-car crash in Goshen on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Police received the call regarding the wreck around 7:00 p.m. The Goshen police continue to pursue a cause of the incident, which remains under investigation.*

Joan Nunn, from Middlebury, Illinois, complained of back pain after the collision. The preliminary findings of the Goshen police investigators provide that Ms. Nunn operated a sports utility vehicle when Annette Minor, a resident of Goshen, drove into Ms. Nunn. Goshen police report that Ms. Minor turned her vehicle toward a parking lot in the 1900 block of Elkhart Road adjacent to the intersection with Chicago Avenue.

Police and ambulance personnel rushed to the areaof the crash. Ms. Minor told first responders that she did not experience any injuries.

Goshen police did not say who they believed to be at fault for the crash and they did not release any information whether they issued a citation to either driver for contributing to the cause of the collision. The Goshen police are still investigating.

Although thousands of car accidents occur each year in Illinois, some causing devastating and catastrophic injuries, Illinois roads have become safer as of mid-November 2018. The latest statistics provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation indicate that the state has experienced 58 fewer fatal crashes in 2018 compared to this time in 2017.

To date, there have been 839 wrecks that caused 914 deaths. At this juncture last year, 972 people had died in car wrecks in the state. These numbers encompass vehicular wrecks, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents as well.

Other statistics currently available shed some light on the DOT’s current findings. The DOT indicates that 280 people restrained properly have died in car wrecks and 209 people died while not wearing seatbelts. Additionally, 120 of the fatal accidents involved at least one operator without a valid license to drive.

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