Car Crashes Through Dairy Queen Restaurant in Homewood, Illinois

(NBC Chicago) NBC Chicago reports that a Dairy Queen restaurant in the South Suburbs had to close its doors for the foreseeable future after a car crashed through the wall of the building. A gigantic hole in the side of the structure leaves no question as to where the vehicle drove into the east side of the restaurant. The building is now a sad and sorry sight, complete with support beams that were quickly put in place by work crews to stabilize the structure and hold up its roof until more comprehensive repair work can begin.

The crash involved one vehicle, and the restaurant was not open at the time of the collision. One passenger was able to get themselves out of the car, but the driver had to get extricated from the wreckage by emergency workers. The driver of the vehicle was critically injured in the wreck and was transported to a hospital for treatment. Fortunately, no other people were hurt. An investigation into the wreck continues, as the owners of the restaurant continue to assess the damage to their business.

The Dairy Queen restaurant in Homewood, which is owned by the Welsch family, has been a local favorite for approximately fifty years. Families enjoy going there for meals and ice cream, and local kids love to go there with their baseball team whether they win or lose because an ice cream treat is always at the ready. The community has poured out enormous amounts of love and support to the Welsch family, who are grateful for every kindness that has been extended to them. Both the Welsch family and the Homewood community are hopeful that the restaurant can be rebuilt and restored to service soon.

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