How Car Insurance Companies Investigate Auto Accident Claims in Illinois

How Car Insurance Companies Investigate Auto Accident Claims in Illinois

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Car insurance companies must thoroughly investigate claims made against the drivers they insure. If they did not perform the necessary investigations and just paid every claim made to the fullest extent demanded by the injured party, then car insurance companies would go out of business, and those insurance companies that did survive would charge enormously high premiums for coverage. Neither alternative is desirable from a consumer’s perspective. Unfortunately, car insurance companies’ thorough investigations delay payment to those who were legitimately injured or force a settlement for an amount less than the real value of the claim because of the delay. That is where our expertise in standing by our clients’ sides during a car insurance company investigation can benefit you.

We at Stein & Shulman have decades of experience representing clients in person injury claims in the Chicago area and will use that experience to win the settlement you deserve promptly.

Insurance Companies Have Policies in Place for Investigating Claims

An insurance company’s investigation depends on the severity of the accident. However, every insurance company has a general procedure that they will follow to investigate every claim. The initial claim is assigned to a claims representative once the company receives notice. The claims representative will gather information about the accident, including the extent of property damage and personal injuries. The claims representative is responsible for reviewing applicable insurance policies to make sure the policy covers the event.

Insurance Claims Adjusters

The claims representative will next assign the claim to an adjuster. A claims adjuster has training and experience in determining the value of the property damage to each car involved in the crash. The adjuster may do any of the following during an investigation:

  • Take photographs of the damage and review repair estimates.
  • Learn about the background of the accident through police reports or official statements made to the company by the people involved in the crash.
  • Help the insurance company determine the value of a claim. The insurance company, by this point, most likely has an understanding of the claim’s value assuming all that the crash victims have reached a medical end result and have finished treating.

The insurance company may assign an investigator to the claim. An insurance company may assign an investigator if the demand for settlement is likely to be very large, such as those accidents involving catastrophic injury or death. An investigator would interview witnesses and obtain evidence about the collision and your wounds. The investigator may work with an accident reconstructionist to learn how the crash happened. The investigator may look more closely at your life after the crash to learn how it affected your life.  The investigator may closely follow any criminal investigations stemming from the crash.  Investigators will look at social media profiles for evidence either tending to support or damage you claim. Additionally, insurance companies assign investigators to uncover a fraudulent claim.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company – A Receipt for Disaster

After the insurance company concludes its investigation and the victims have ended their treatment, the crash victim makes a demand for compensation. Usually, the wisest tactic is to demand the full value of the policy. Negotiations begin at this point. Your personal injury lawyer is highly skilled at negotiation and will put your case in the best light so the insurance company makes a settlement offer to you that is just and fair. The first round of negotiation is not likely to produce a settlement, but that does not mean an agreement cannot be reached. Rely on your attorney to advocate for you. If all settlement talks fail, then you have options on how to proceed. You can file a lawsuit and take the case to court. If you do that, negotiations can continue. Additionally, you could agree to go to mediation or arbitration to resolve the case in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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