Car Strikes Building Causing Porch Collapse With Injuries in Riverdale, Illinois

RIVERDALE, Ill. (WLS) — According to the new site, Six people, some young children, have sustained injuries and were hospitalized after the collapse of a second-story porch in Riverdale, Illinois.*

The porch collapsed when it was struck by a motor vehicle.  The motor vehicle struck many of the porch supports and this caused the porch to collapse at about 6:30 p.m. The accident occurred on South LaSalle Street at the 13800 block.

According to police investigating the crash, the driver may have lost control of their vehicle due to a “physical disturbance” caused by another person who may have been attempting to rapidly “flee” the area. The driver who struck the porch is a female and has been taken into police custody.

There were six people who received injuries caused by the accident. They were all taken to the hospitalized for the treatment of injuries.

The police investigators stated that they are investigating the accident to determine if the driver intentionally stuck the support beams to cause injuries or if this was an accident.

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