Catastrophic Fatal Car Accident on Route 120 in Volo, Illinois

Woman Dies In Crash On Route 120

Volo, Illinois– April 19, 2018 (The Chicago Tribune) According to a report in The Chicago Tribune, A twenty-four-year-old woman from Round Lake Park was killed in a two-vehicle crash last Wednesday. The collision occurred when a red SUV traveling eastbound on Route 120 hit a white sedan that unexpectedly entered the eastbound lanes of Route 120, west of Ellis Drive. The driver of the white car died in the hospital as the result of her injuries. The driver of the SUV was hospitalized, and she is expected to recover from her injuries.

Both women who were involved in the car crash described above were injured in the wreck. Unfortunately, one woman died from the multiple traumatic injuries that she suffered in the accident. While car crash injuries vary in severity, there are four common types of car accident injuries.

Neck injuries are very common among car crash victims. The impact of vehicles hitting each other, or of a vehicle hitting a tree or other object, brings the vehicles to a sudden stop, causing whiplash or neck strain. Back injuries are also common, in the form of strains, fractures, and ruptured discs. Facial injuries like fractures, lacerations, bruises, and injuries to the mouth and teeth can be caused by broken glass, the steering wheel, and the dashboard, among other things. Concussions and other head injuries are the fourth type of injury often suffered by car crash victims. Unfortunately, head injuries can be fatal, even in cases where symptoms are not immediately noticeable. Accident victims should insist that they be thoroughly examined for these types of injuries because early detection and treatment of a concussion, head injury, or another injury that is not immediately noticeable could save your life.