Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago

Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago Can Happen in Many Ways

Pedestrians walking in Chicago experience danger coming from all directions. Without warning, pedestrians in Chicago can find themselves in perilous situations because of the action, or inaction, of a careless motorist. Some locations are more dangerous than others to be sure. However, any time pedestrians and motor vehicles must share the same space the situation can become deadly in an instant.

Although there are an unlimited potential ways a pedestrian could get hit by a vehicle, there are some categories of pedestrian accidents that frequently occur. For example, walking in a parking lot exposes pedestrians to the risk of getting hit by a car from inattentive drivers. It is no less dangerous because people tend to drive more slowly in a parking lot. The pedestrian who is hit by a car is exposed to severe injury, even in a low-speed collision.

When pedestrians walk along the roadside, they are exposing themselves to tremendous risk of death or injury, especially when walking in reduced lighting or the dark. Any pedestrian who walks on the side of the road should walk facing traffic and as far off to the side as possible. Walking on the left side of the road gives the pedestrian a chance to see cars coming head-on and hopefully make an evasive maneuver to avoid getting hit.

Crossing highways and busy streets are dangerous. Pedestrians must cross with the light and always in a crosswalk to make it safely across. Walking when the light permits and crossing in a crosswalk, or at an intersection if no crosswalks are available, will minimize the potential risk of being struck by a car.

Pedestrians must always be wary of turning vehicles. When trying to cross a street, pedestrians can sometimes unwittingly walk into the path of a turning car. Pedestrians must maintain a constant watch for turning cars and anticipate that cars will turn in their direction even if the driver failed to signal a turn. 


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