Central Illinois School Buses Have Cameras to Catch Bad Drivers

DECATUR- The herald-review.com writes that many drivers still violate laws pertaining to driving around school buses. Amy Flock, who has been driving school buses two times a day for the past three years says that drivers frequently violate the bus’s stop sign. Flock says these drivers often get away because she is focusing on the children who are getting on or off the bus, and not the vehicles that pass the bus.

Flock is concerned that the dangerous drivers could injure or kill one of the students who rideher bus. According to one survey, an average of 83,944 vehicles drove past school bus stop sign arms every day during the 2017-2018 school year.

Parents in the Decatur area also express their concern over drivers ignoring school bus stop signs. The Decatur IL Moms Facebook page shared a link about school bus laws, andthe post got a lot of attention from other parents who are also concerned about the issue.

When drivers violate the school bus stop sign law, they put children’s lives at risk. A tragic accident in Indiana highlighted the seriousness of the issue when three children were killed and another severely injured when a 24-year-old woman drove through the stop sign on a school bus last October. That same week, two other fatal school bus stop crashes took place.

Now some school districts have installed cameras that will be activated when the buses are carrying students and during drop-offs and pickups. The cameras will be used to capture the vehicles passing buses illegally. The cameras are capable of catching an image of the driver’s license plates. Drivers in violation of this law can facea three-month license suspension and a $150 fine for a first offense.

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