Chicago Lawyer Explains Liability for Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Illinois

Multi-car crashes are terrifying events with the potential for lifelong psychological and physical disabilities. The driver or passenger in that instance has no control over what happens when multiple vehicles hit theirs or collision forces their vehicle into others, resulting in a pile-up. These chain reaction crashes can result in horrific injuries and fatalities. Understanding what you should do if you are involved in a multi-vehicle collision might help you survive a pile-up.

Surviving a chain reaction crash starts at the beginning of your trip. Make sure you take your safety and the safety of your passengers seriously anytime you get in a motor vehicle. You must be certain that you and all passengers wear seatbelts correctly. Additionally, the driver must not allow himself or herself to be distracted, and passengers should extend that same courtesy to the driver. The driver must never drive after consuming any alcohol or drugs.

If you are in a multi-car crash, make sure that you take a second to see if you are injured. You should also check your passengers. They might be injured and need your help. Next, you should call for police assistance and advise the call taker if anyone on the scene is injured so that medics can be dispatched to help with casualties.

How to Protect Your Legal Rights After an Accident

One concern to bear in mind is that anytime you speak after a car crash, the statement you give might be used against you. Therefore, you should not apologize for the accident, even if it was not your fault and you feel bad. The chances are good that someone will misconstrue your apology as an admission of responsibility for the crash. You can talk to police if you believe that nothing you say will implicate you in a crime, such as drunk driving. If you want to explain how the accident happened from your perspective, the investigating police officer is the only person, except your personal injury lawyer, to whom you should speak. Take the time to point out witnesses to the accident to the investigating police officer and try to get the witnesses’ contact information. Lastly, use your cellphone to take pictures of the accident scene and the damage to the cars. Your cell phone photos are the best evidence of how the crash site looked immediately afterward.


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