Child’s Foot Injured After Escalator Accident at Macy’s in Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO, IL- writes that a young boy was transported to a hospital on Saturday, December 15, 2018, at about 9:43 in the morning. The child’s foot became trapped in the escalator at a Macy’s department store. Paramedics arrived on the scene and transported the child to a local hospital.*

The incident occurred in the State Street location in a building that is 125 years old.

The escalator involved in the incident was closed off,andseveral of its steps were removed.

Records of inspection from the escalator indicate that the location failed an inspection in October because of code violations including that the edges of the steps were sharp. The store says that it has already addressed the issues that were brought up in the inspection. The company released an apology and stated that they are investigating what caused the accident.

Escalators and elevators cause around 30 fatalities and 17,000 injuries each year. The most serious events tend to involve elevators. Elevators are responsible for around 90 percent of the deaths. Many of the people hurt or killed are people working on maintaining these devices.

In order to reduce the risk of accidents related to escalators and elevators, workers should receive proper training, inspections and maintenance should be kept up, andproperty owners should only employ properly qualified maintenance workers to carry out work and repairs.

Escalator accidents are often related to people’s clothing becoming stuck near the landing platform. These accidents can cause severe injuries. Escalators are not much different than they were when originally designed in 1892. While injuries do occur with this machine, there are far more fatal injuries involving stairs each year than escalators.

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