Compensation For Basilar Skull Fractures in Illinois Car Accidents

A basilar skull fracture happens at the base of the skull. The skull has several points at which the joints are weaker than others, and those junctures are more likely to break when sufficient force is applied, some of these points result in basilar fractures. 

A basilar skull fracture, also known as a basal fracture, occurs when the skull strikes a hard object while moving rapidly. Car accidents are one of the most frequent reasons for a basilar skull fracture. Falls and assaults are two other reasons why basilar fractures happen. The skull of a car accident victim can slam against a door, dashboard, window, windshield or another object like the ground after being ejected from a vehicle or struck while riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or while walking.

Basal skull fractures happen in three areas of the skull. They are the temporal, or the sides of the skull, the occipital or the back of the head, and the clivus, which is an internal bony part of the skull that sits behind the nasal cavity. 

Basilar fractures are the most severe fractures of the skull. Basilar fractures could be an indicator that more severe damage in the brain occurred. The basal areas of the skull protect the top of the spinal column, the brain itself, and the vascular structures that run through the area and feed the brain. 

Doctors must take X-rays, order a CT scan, or MRI to diagnose a basilar fracture. Two symptoms occur in basal skull fractures that might lead doctors to investigate the possibility of a basilar fracture — one of those signs in the Battle’s Sign. The Battle’s Sign is deep bruising right below the ears on the back of the skull. The second is a Halo sign. The Halo sign will be overserved when the car accident victim experiences blood and cerebrospinal fluid leaking from the ear. The mixture of blood and cerebrospinal fluid makes a distinct ring pattern when blood flows from a victim’s ears. 



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