Compensation For Bone Fractures in Illinois Car Accidents

Broken bones are severe and painful injuries. Fractures require a long time to heal and rehabilitate. An accident victim who sustains a broken bone in an auto crash that was caused by the recklessness or negligence of another may have a right to pursue monetary damages against the other driver and any other person whose actions contributed to causing the collision. 

Bones break in an accident for many reasons. The accident victim’s body can be contorted, pushed, pulled, and bent in many unnatural ways. Once the forces exceed the body’s integrity threshold, bones will fail and break. A car accident victim may suffer a broken bone in a sideswipe crash, T-bone collision, head-on crash, rear-end collision, or rollover accident. Bones may fracture or break from getting caught in the crushed vehicles, being ejected from the vehicle, or sustaining direct impact.

Any bone is susceptible to break in an accident. Bones in the back, spine, vertebrae skull, collarbone, neck, humerus, radius, ulna, elbow, hand, fingers, sternum, pelvis, sacrum, coccyx, femur, tibia, fibula, ankle, feet, and toes can break or fracture in an auto accident. 

The type of break the victim suffers will determine what measures orthopedic surgeons will need to repair the damage. Some breaks might need surgical repairs whereas other fractures will merely require a cast or another immobilization device. Surgeons will examine the nature of the break to see what kind of surgery is needed. For example, if the is a compound fracture like when the bone comes through the skin or a transverse break which is a break that completely goes through the bone and leaves the fractured part at a 90-degree angle to the healthy bone, the accident victim will need surgery. Similarly, a comminuted break or one in which the bone broke in three or more places will also require surgery. The accident victim might need surgery if the doctor cannot set the bones before casting. 


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