Crash Between Semi-Trucks Shuts Down I-280 in Milan, Illinois

MILAN, Illinois— Three semi-trucks collided on I-280 near the Quad City Airport and forced law enforcement officers to shut the road down for a lengthy period of timeon Tuesday, August 28, 2018. According to troopers from the Illinois State Police could not re-open the roaduntil 3:30 p.m. even though the accident happened in the early morning hours. The State Police advised all motorists who planned to go through that area to take an alternate route.*

Although property damage was quite extensive, the three drivers of the tractor-trailers involved walked away from the crash with only minor injuries. The outcome indeedcould have been much worse.

The Illinois State Police have not disclosed many details about the crash. They did say that the crashhappened around 5:00 a.m. However, troopers were not sure how the crashhappened. Video footage from the scene showed three semi-trucks jackknifed off of the Interstate. None of them rolled over. Debris from the trucks covered the road. A fuel tank from one of the trucks dislodged from its mooring on the side of the truck.  Additionally, the debris field appeared as if some of the damaged parts caught fire.

State police told reporters that they expected the westbound lanes of I-280 to remain closed for an undetermined time. Investigators were concerned that obtaining the evidence to reconstruct the accident would take a long time. Moreover, when the Illinois State Troopers arrived at the crash site, the troopers could not locate one of the drivers at the scene. Troopersdid not say why they believed the driver walked away from his rig, butthe state police did find the driver.

Illinois State Police did not say if they will charge any of the drivers with a criminal offense. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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