Crash in the South Suburbs Kills One in South Holland, Illinois

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL- writes that a crash took place on Interstate 80 on Saturday morning in South Holland, Illinois. Four or five vehicles were involved in the crash. A driver who had exited his vehicle fell off the overpass and died at the scene.*

The roadways were icy at the time of theincident, and the vehicles involved lost control and slid into medians, onto the shoulder, andinto other vehicles.

The victim was identified as Manual Juarez, 51.

Icy roads are extremely difficult to drive one. Drivers who find themselves on icy roads should travel at extremely slow speeds, often far slower than the speed limit. In many cases, it is best to avoidthe road completely when the roads are known to be icy. However, sometimes drivers are not aware of ice on the road until it is too late. Black ice, which is extremely dangerous, can be completely invisible to drivers.

One of the reasons that many drivers lose control on icy roads is that they are overly confident in their ability to drive on icy roads, or in their vehicle’s capabilities on slick roads. In reality, no vehicle should travel on an icy road at more than 45 miles per hour, and in many cases, vehicles should be traveling at a much lower speed.

Ice can sometimes develop on only certain parts of the road even when most of the road is clear. For instance, roads that are shaded from a tall building may freeze before the rest of the road because the temperature is cooler where the sun is blocked. Bridges also tend to be icy even when other roads are not because the exposed nature of a bridge makes it more likely thatice will develop than on the ground.

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