Crash in West Elsdon, Illinois Injures Homeland Security Officer

CHICAGO, IL- writes that a Homeland Security vehicle was involved in a crash in West Elsdon on Chicago’s South Side on Thursday, January 3, 2019, at about 6:15 in the morning. A Homeland Security Officer suffered injuries in the collision.*

The accident took place on South Hamlin Avenue, andthe officer was brought to the Holy Cross Hospital where he was reportedly in good condition. The driver of the vehicle that hit the officer’s vehicle was an 18-year-old attempted to flee the scene of the wreck but was soon apprehended by policeand is now in custody. Police have not yet announced the charges.

Hit-and-run drivers are often young male drivers, but it is difficult to get solid data onthe demographics of hit-and-run drivers as many of them are never apprehended or charged for their crimes. In many hit-and-run crashes, the victims are pedestrians or cyclists because in these accidents, the driver’s vehicle likely did not suffer severe damage and it can be driven from the scene. In collisions between vehicles, there is a better chance that the vehicles will be too damaged to drive from the scene and are also more obvious to police as they search for the vehicle and the driver.

Drivers who choose to flee the scene ofa crash may do so just because they panic. However, in many cases, drivers leave to hide the fact that they had beendrinkingprior to the time of the wreckor were in violation of another driving-related law. Drivers who are impaired at the time of the crash are less inhibited, and also may feel that they have more to lose if they are caught and charged.

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