Crash Involving School Bus Being Investigated by Illinois State Police

SHAWNEETOWN, IL- writes that a school bus and a pickup truck collided on Monday, December 3, 2018, at about 3:20 in the afternoon. The preliminary reports indicate that the person driving the school bus stopped at a yield sign, then proceeded across North Lincoln Boulevard. The bus struck a Chevrolet Avalanche on its passenger side.

There were 20 children on the bus at the time of the collision. No one on the bus was injured, and neither was the driver of the Chevy, 91-year-old Robert P. Downen of Shawneetown.

Police cited the driver of the school bus, 52-year-old Sheila M. Jenkins of Equality, for failing to yield.

School bus accidents often grab headlines, but these vehicles are considered some of the safest, if not the safest vehicles on the road. School bus yellow is a color designed to stand out, and these buses are equipped with stop signs and flashing lights that drivers can use to protect the buses from vehicles traveling around them. Laws also work to protect school bus passengers by making passing a school bus illegal when the bus is dropping off students or picking them up.

The safety standards for school buses are far higher than standards for other types of buses. Thanks to the effort put into making school buses as safe as possible, children who take a school bus to school have a 70 times higher chance of getting to or from school safely than they would if they were to travel in a passenger vehicle.

While many school buses do not have seatbelts, these buses are designed to protect students in other ways, making many safety experts believe that seatbelts are not necessary.

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