Crash on Dan Ryan Briefly Shuts Down Express Lanes in Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO, IL- write that a multiple vehicle collision took place in the inbound lanes of the Dan Ryan on Wednesday, December 26, 2018, at about 6:30 in the morning.*

Reports indicate that at a minimum, two people were injured in the accident. The driver of a black SUV and a passenger in the same vehicle were both taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center. Both of the injured persons were said to be in critical condition.

The site was being cleared by the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Chicago Fire Department.

Traffic was diverted, and the Dan Ryan was backed up despite the fact that there was below average traffic because of the holidays. Commuters were advised to take public transportation, such as the red line, to avoid the crash scene and delays.

Many drivers fear highway driving and believe that it is dangerous. However, highways are actually less statistically dangerous than other types of roads. One factor that helps keep these roads safe even while vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed is that all of the vehicles are traveling in the same direction and moving at around the same speed. The risk of an accident occurring is reduced whenthere are no drivers stopping to pull onto side roads or to make left turns.

The fear is likely the result of being unable to get away from the road. The fact that exiting is more difficult on these roads often makes people feel a sense of being trapped.In a way, the same factor that makes people afraid also makes these roads less dangerous. While you cannot easily exit at any moment, the fact that no one is exiting at the last minute reduces the chance of collisions.

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