Crash on Route 49 Killed One Man in Iroquois County, Illinois

IROQUOIS COUNTY, IL- According to, a man was killed in a two-car collision on Route 49 on Monday night. The victim was pronounced dead at the sceneof the accident.

No further information has been releasedat this time.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) reports that 313,316 car accidents happened in Illinois in 2015. Twenty-one percent of the crashes involved injuriesand only 1% involved fatalities.

One of the main causes of the collisions was speeding. In 32.2% of all crashes, a driver was traveling above the speed limit. Fatal crashes involved speeding 34.2% of the time, and injury crashes involved speeding 37% of the time.

Iroquois County accounted for 684 total crashes in 2016, and 11 fatal crashes.

In many cases, the fatally injured person was not wearing a seatbelt. Out of 500 drivers who were killed in vehicle collisions, 191 failed to wear a seatbelt. Passengers who were killedincluded 62 out of 155 who were not wearing their seatbelts. While nearly half of all passengers killed in accidents were not wearing their seatbelts, the national seat belt usage rate is over 90%.

Alcohol was also a major contributing factor in fatal accidents. IDOT reports that 27.9% of fatal crashes involved alcohol use. The number of vehicle drivers who tested positive for being under the influence of alcohol was even higher at 40.7%. However, it is not always the driver of a vehicle whose alcohol use contributes to an accident. Pedestrians who were killed in traffic accidentstested positive for alcohol consumption in 27.9% of cases.

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