Crash Reported at Intersection of 47 and Galena in Yorkville, Illinois

YORKVILLE, IL- reports that an accident took place at Route 47 and Galena Road. The police report indicates that the driver was attempting to back up to allow space for a turning semi-truck.

The crash occurred at about 11 in the morning on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. The driver was identified as a 65-year-old woman from Paw Paw. The woman is said to have backed her vehicle into the vehicle behind her, which was driven by a 40-year-old man from Yorkville.

The woman was attempting to move out of the way of a semi-truck that was turning from Route 47 to Galena Road.

The intersection has seen several recent accidents this year, including two that took place in October. The string of collisions has led the Yorkville to push the Illinois Department of Transportation to finance improvements at the intersection and to make plans to widen Route 47 eventually.

Improvements were carried out earlier this year including changes designed to allow trucks to make turns at the intersection. Semi drivers were forced to make extremely tight turns at the intersection.

Intersections are the location of a large number of crashes in the United States. While only a small percent of the total road system is made up of intersections, these locations where traffic traveling in different directions cross paths are dangerous. While intersections have traffic controls including stop signs and traffic lights, these methods of controlling traffic are not the most effective. Research into intersection safety indicates that there are better ways to control the flow of traffic and prevent serious crashes. Roundabouts are one common alternative to intersections, and they have proven to increase safety for drivers.

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