Cubs Fan Hit by Loose Piece of Wrigley Field Scoring Board

CHICAGO, IL- reports that a piece of the Wrigley Field scoreboard fell and struck a fan on the head during Tuesday’s game. The 19-year-old fan was apparently wearing a bucket on his head when the debris fell down and struck him.

While it was initially believed that a scoreboard tike had fallen onto the fan, the Cubs later clarified the story and stated that the object that fell was actuallya “6-8-inch metal “pin” that holds the score times in place.”

A spokesperson for the Cubs said that the injured man suffered a laceration on his head. He was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment. The wound was closed with the use of five staples. Apparently,the injury could have been worse had the man not been wearing a plastic bucket on his head when the pin fell. It is not clear why the man waswearing the bucket. One theory indicates that the bucket hat might have been inspired by the “rally caps” worn by Cubs players during a 2015 extra inning game. The original “rally caps” were reportedly empty bubble gum containers.

The accident is apparentlythe first of its kind at Wrigley Field, andrepresentatives for the team have stated that they are not sure why the pin came loose. Officials are investigating the cause of the accident. A crew manually operates the scoreboard, and it is unclear whether the pin became loose or was droppedby someone hanging the tiles. The cause of the accidentis not considered a structural issue inthe field, and the team does not anticipate a repeat incident.

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