Do Not Let Insurers Cheat You on your Car Value

Car crashes are frustrating, scary and extremely common. While most crashes only result in damage to a vehicle and not harm to the occupants, the damage done to the vehicles can be extremely costly, even in minor crashes.

If you get into a crash, it isimportant to know what rights you have and what you are to be paid by your insurance company.

One question that comes up is which insurance company will pay for the cost of your repairs or for the value of a totaled vehicle. If you were in a collision that was clearly the fault of another driver, then the other driver’s insurance company is responsible for reimbursing you for the loss you suffered in the crash. If you have insurance, you can also have your own provider cover the costs, but you will likely have to pay any deductible on your policy.

If the other driver’s insurance is used, then you have the advantage of not paying the deductible, and of not having to deal with your own insurance provider.

Car insurance companies will often consider a car totaled if the cost of fixing the vehicle is close to the cost of the vehicle. However, the value of the vehicle and the costs of repairs are not negotiable.

The value that an insurance company places on a totaled vehicle is not always going to be the same as the fair market price.

If you believe that the insurance company has given you an offer that is too low, you have the right to question the appraisal.

If you plan to fight the valuation, make sure you do not sign any complete release.

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