Do You Really Need an Illinois Attorney for a Car Accident Case?

How an Illinois Attorney Can Help You Recover More in Your Auto Accident Case of Lawsuit

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is tempting to simply handle matters on your own. How hard can it be to discuss your claim with the insurance company? Why pay a fee to an attorney if you can handle it yourself? The truth is, insurance adjusters are savvy and have one goal—to settle a claim for as little money as possible. You may think that you can trust what they are telling you about the value of your claim; however, their primary goal is to save the insurance company money.

As soon as you are involved in an accident, insurance adjusters will begin calling. They will ask about the medical treatment you have sought and whether you have had to take time off from work. Within a few days, these adjusters may send you an offer to consider. However, what if you need future medical care? What if you have an injury that has not yet presented any symptoms? If you settle your claim too early, you will be responsible for these expenses. Therefore, it is best to immediately seek the assistance of an attorney after you have been injured in an accident. When you hire an attorney, your attorney takes over the negotiations with the insurance company. Your attorney is experienced in these negotiations and knows how to identify a “lowball” offer.

If the insurance company will not make a reasonable offer to you, it may become necessary to file a lawsuit. Your attorney is able to draft this lawsuit on your behalf and file it with the appropriate court. Most of us do not know what type of language to include in a lawsuit, or where we would even file such paperwork. However, your attorney is able to quickly and thoroughly prepare the necessary documents in your case.

Your attorney also knows what type of documents to request from the opposing party in your case. For example, your attorney may send requests for driving records, cell phone records, and other types of documents that may help your claim. Your attorney is also responsible for gathering all of the evidence of the damages you have suffered—such as all of your medical expenses, as well as any estimates on future medical care that may be required. Your attorney will also reach out to your employer, if necessary, to obtain the proper paperwork to document your lost wages.

There are multiple deadlines throughout a car accident claim. If you are unaware of these deadlines, your case may be dismissed and you may lose the right to pursue your claim.

After a motor vehicle accident, you should focus on healing and recovering, not attempting to navigate the complex legal system.

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