Driver Rescued After Being Trapped by Head-On Collision in Whiteside County, Illinois

WHITESIDE COUNTY, IL- writes that a man was hospitalized after a head-on collision that occurred over the weekend in Sterling, Illinois. Officials say that the two-vehicle collision occurred on Saturday, January 12, 2019.*

Reports indicate that a 17-year-old boy was traveling west on US Route 30 when he veered off the road. The boy lost control of his vehicle, andit began to spin and travel into the eastbound traffic lanes where the boy’s car struck a 2014 Honda CRV.

The driver of the Honda, Paul A. Alsup, 57, of Genoa had to be extricated from his vehicle after the head-on crash. Alsup was transported to the hospital.

The teen driver received a ticket for “driving in the wrong lane.” Three passengers were traveling with the teenager, and neither the driver nor the passengers in that vehicles sustained any injuries.

Head-on collisions can often have deadly results. The forces involved in these crashes lead to extreme vehicular damage and serious injuries. Studies indicate that people do not have a strong chance of surviving head-on crashes if the vehicles are traveling faster than 43 miles per hour.While its known that these accidents are likely to cause fatal crashes, there are many roads that are not divided by any form of center barrier or median.

Without any protection exiting between lanes, it is easy for a vehicle to drift across the center line in an instant and cause a horrific crash. A driver who is distracted or drowsy can easily make this type of mistake, and anyone in the traffic lanewho is moving in the opposite direction can be quickly caught off guard and left without time to react or to do anything to avoid the crash.

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