Driver Suffers Injuries Following Crash with USPS Truck in Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO, IL- writes that a driver suffered injuries in a collision with a semi-truck on Saturday, January 12, 2019. The reports indicate that the driver ran through a red traffic signal at the intersection of Addison Street and Western Avenue at about 4:08 in the morning.*

The driver, a 23-year-old woman,was brought to the Illinois Masonic Hospital where she was reportedly in serious condition. The truck was owned by USPS. The 57-year-old man driving the truck did not suffer any injuries and was not hospitalized.

No charges have been filed in the crash.

Drivers run through red lights more than most people realize. In fact, one study indicated that about three times in an hour someone runs through a red light at an average intersection. When a person runs a red light and causes a traffic accident, it is often a serious T-bone style collision where one vehicle strikes the other vehicle on its side. These crashes are often devastating for the driver of the vehicle that is struck on its side. While vehicles offer a good amount of protection on their front and their back, they do not offer much on their sides meaning that there is not much between the vehicle occupant and the point of impact.

It is rare for a driver not to knowthat running a red light is dangerous, but many drivers still fail to stop at red lights. Distracted driving, drunk driving or drowsy driving can all be factors that cause drivers to make dangerous mistakes.

While driver behavior is the cause of most accidents, it is possible to design roads that make crashes less likely. For example, when roundabouts replace traditional intersections, the number of crashes can be greatly reduced.

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