Driving In the Rain Accidents in Illinois

Driving In the Rain Accidents in Illinois

If you are a pedestrian, your tolerance of rain will most likely depend on your location. If you happen to be outside during a rain storm, you might not welcome the precipitation; if you are at home and do not plan to leave, your perspective on rain might be totally different. However, if you are a motorist, you might not have any tolerance of rain. Rain fall causes forty-seven percent of all weather-related car accidents, more than 700,000 a year, according to a statistic quoted by Mercury Insurance. Here are some ways that you can make sure that you drive safely in the rain.

Proper vision is very important when you’re driving a car in the rain. Regardless of how lightly or heavily it is raining, turn on your headlights. You will be able to see the road better, and other drivers will be able to see you more easily. However, do not use your high beam headlights because the light will reflect back at you off the water droplets in the air, according to Edmunds.com. Also, make sure to defog your windows because rain will cause your windshield to get foggy. Turn on your front and rear defrosters and your air conditioning. Leave more distance between a truck or bus and your car because their extra-large tires create so much spray that you might not be able to see at all. Avoid passing any of these vehicles, but if you must pass them, do so as quickly as you can, while remaining safe.

Know where to be on the road. Follow the route of the car in front of you, so their car can displace some of the water, creating a clearer path of travel for you. However, 21st Century Insurance reminds drivers to never tailgate another vehicle during a rainstorm because it can take up to three times the distance usually required to stop your car when the roads are wet. If at all possible, stay towards the middle of the road because a puddle may be very deep or could conceal a pothole.

Be prepared for and know how to react to slippery driving conditions. If there has not been any precipitation for a long time before the rain fall, remember that engine oil and road grease could build up on the road. If you hydroplane, release the gas pedal slowly and steer straight until the car regains traction, recommends Edmunds.com

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