Drunk Driver Charged After Striking Police Squad Car on Interstate 94

WI – Kenoshanews.com writes that a woman from Fond du Lac crashed her vehicle into a state trooper’s vehicle on Sunday, December 2, 2018, on Interstate 94 near the border of Illinois. The driver, 31-year-old Yessica Trevino is now facing charges related to the incident.*

Trevino is accused of being drunk at the time of the crash, which occurred at about 7:46 in the evening. Three children were in Trevino’s vehicle when the collision occurred.

The police vehicle was on the scene ofan earlier collision that involved a pickup truck and a semi. The pickup truck was being towed from the scene, andthe trooper’s vehicle was blocking traffic and flashing its emergency lights.

Trevino’s vehicle collided into the back of the police cruiser causing it to collide with the disabled pickup truck in front of the cruiser.

Trevino was unconscious following the collision. An 11-year-old was ejected from the vehicle through the front passenger window and sustained a skull fracture. A one-year-oldin the back seat was in a car seat that was not properly installed and that had overturned. A 3-year-old child was on top of the 1-year-old’s car seat and was crying. The younger two children sustained bruises but did not have severe injuries.

The police officer and the driver of thetow truck both suffered serious injuries and received treatment at a nearby hospital.

Marijuana held in a pill container and empty alcohol containers were found in the car after the crash.

Trevino admitted to officers that she drank wine before getting into the car. She said that she had not been smoking marijuana. She said that she did not see the vehicles until it was too late.

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