Drunk Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash Took Tequila Shots with Bar Workers

Drunk Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash Took Tequila Shots with Bar Workers Earlier in Evening

HOUSTON, TX- Abc7chicago.com writes that employees at a bar have now been arrested following a fatal drunk driving crash that a bar patron caused after drinking with the employees.*

The drunk driver was only 19-years-old. Five employees who allegedly served the underage man are facing charges making alcoholic beverages ”available to a minor,” or for serving alcohol to a minor. The bar employees were identified as 21-year-old JaquinGonzalez, 21-year-old Jazely Marie Barrera, 21-year-old Mildred Garcia, 19-year-old Anna Evelyn Lula, and 28-year-old Gustavo Tejada-Garcia.

The driver who caused the crash was identifiedas Erick Hernandez, 19. Hernandez was under the influence of alcohol when he veered across three traffic lanes and struck an SUV on Monday morning, December 17, 2018. The driver of the SUV, Taylor Phillips, 23, was killed in the head-on collision. Also in the victim’s vehicle were the victim’s mother and her 1-year-old son.

Hernandez is facing charges for “intoxication manslaughter.” Videos from the bar show the defendant consuming alcoholic beverages, 12 in all, prior to getting into his vehicle. The three of the employees who are now facing charges were drinking tequila shots with Hernandez in the video.

Hernandez was at the bar for six hours, and according to prosecutors, he was never asked to show an ID. Hernandez was in possession of a fake ID, which was found in his vehicle following the crash.

The bar was also in violation of the state liquor laws. While the bar had a license to sell beer and wine, it did not have a license to sell liquor.

The bar has six previous violations for alcohol-relatedoffenses this year, and the district attorney is considering moving to close down the business.

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