Edwardsville Crash on Route 111 Involving Fuel Tanker Kills

EDWARDSVILLE, IL- According to fox2now.com, the police report that a fatal crash took place in Edwardsville on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. The collision involved a fuel tanker and a car that collided at about 10:30 p.m. on Illinois Route 1-11 and New Poag Road. It appears that the car might have passed under the truck. The top of the smaller vehicle reportedly had its roof shearedoff.

Police are still investigating the crash.

When cars are involved in crashes with trucks, the people in the car are almost always the ones to suffer the consequences. Trucks are far heavier than cars and are also higher off of the ground. Out of all fatal accidents involving trucks, 66 percent of the people killed were traveling in passenger vehicles. Only 17 percent of people killed in accidents involving trucks were occupants of the trucks. When truck occupants are killed, it is most often because of an accident involving more than one truck.

In deadly crashes involving large trucks and cars, the occupants of the cars are the ones killed 97 percent of the time. Some of the most devastating car and truck collisions involve cars underriding trucks. Underriding accidents, where the car becomes wedged beneath the truck, account for about half of all fatal truck and car accidents. In 57 percent of underriding crashes, the car underrides the front of the truck, 22 percent involve cars underriding the rear of the truck, and 20 percent involve the side. In many cases, these crashes lead to occupants of cars being decapitated.

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