Electric Scooters Lead to Many Injuries in the USA

USA- Cbsnews.com writes that electric scooter injuries are sending many Americans to the emergency room across the United States. Last March, several scooter companies began placing thousands of electric scooters in cities around the country for people to rent and use for recreation and transportation.

As the e-scooters have gained in popularity, injuries caused by scooter accidents have spiked. In San Diego, Denver and Austin, trauma surgeons are reporting that they see victims of scooter accidents daily. Some of the injuries have been severe and even life-threatening. There are people who now have permanent disabilities as a result of scooter crashes.

Scooter crashes occur for a variety of reasons. Riders sometimes lose control of the vehicle and strike curbs, walls, or objects. Collisions between motor vehicles and people on scooters occur on the street. And in some instances, the scooters do not function properly and lead to dangerous situations. For instance, the brakes have occasionally failed, and the throttles have been jammed leading to accidents and injuries.

One scooter rider suffered multiple injuries after the brakes on her scooter failed as she rodedown a hill and she had to fall in order to stop herself from careening into a busy intersection.

Hospitals are now collecting data on scooter injuries.There is not much data at this time because the programs are so new.Some of the most severe injuries doctors are seeing involve serious head trauma. These patients face a long road to recovery and in some instances, may require caretaking for their entire lives.

Doctor Christopher Ziebell, who is the medical director for the emergency room at the Dell Ston Medical Center in Austin, says that the scooter head injuries are like if “a baseball bat hits your head at 20 miles per hour.”

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