Explosion Kills One Metra Worker Injures Another on November 3, 2018

CHICAGO, IL- Abc7chicago.com writes that one Metra worker died and another suffered severe injuries in an explosion in Chicago’s Old Irving Park Neighborhood on Saturday, November 3, 2018.

The victim was identified as 37-year-old Omar Solis. Reports indicate that a little before 12 in the afternoon, the men were performing routine work on the tracks and welding on the Milwaukee District North line close to Grayland Station. Then an explosion took place.

The cause of the explosion was not reportedand is currently under investigation.

Following the explosion, both of the victims were transported to the Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

There were 17 workers on site when the explosion took place. They were working on repairs that had been mostly completed the previous weekend.

A Metra spokesperson stated that Metra was looking into potential defects in one of its tanks, but stated that there were no signs ofdefects prior to the accidents. The welding equipment used by the workers will be inspected as well.

The worker injured in the accident has not yet been interviewed. Metra says that they are delaying the interview because the man was “shaken from the incident.”

Frederic Sender, who lives near the location of the explosion, said that he heard the explosion while he was in his garage. The force of the explosion knocked down his two-year-old son, but he knew work was being completed on the train line and stated that loud noises are not unusual.

The last time that a Metra worker was killed in an on the job accident was in 2013. In that incident, the worker was struck by a train.

The accident led to some delays on the train line, but by Saturday afternoon everything was running normally.

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