Facial And Dental Injuries Sustained In An Illinois  Car Accident

Facial And Dental Injuries Sustained In An Illinois Car Accident

Illinois Car Wreck Attorneys Explain

Facial and dental injuries suffered in a car accident can range from the relatively minor like a chipped tooth to the catastrophic such as fractured facial bones requiring reconstructive surgery to repair. No matter the severity of your facial or dental injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The extent of your compensation depends upon numerous factors such as the severity of your injury and the treatment required bringing you back to health. The Chicago Car Accident Lawyers at Stein & Shulman have a proven track record of success in winning compensation for car crash victims and their families.

Facial injuries occur when the face strikes an object. The severity of the injuries will be determined by the forces applied to the face and teeth in the crash.  For example:

  • the force of an exploding airbag can fracture the victim’s nose quite easily and perhaps dislocate or fracture your jaw.
  • The airbag can also cause damage to your teeth as well. The force of the impact could dislodge a single tooth or multiple teeth.
  • The airbag will cause less damage to you than striking something hard and unforgiving like a dashboard, windshield, or steering wheel.

Unrestrained drivers and passengers have a greater chance of suffering facial and dental injuries than drivers and passengers who wears seatbelts. Unrestrained occupants get violently thrown about when struck by another vehicle. The driver’s face can hit the steering wheel with such force that the injuries may be permanent. Striking the steering wheel can knock out teeth and fracture bones such as the jaw bone, cheek, nose, and orbital bone.

An unrestrained driver and passenger could hit the windshield or dashboard and suffer terrible injuries. In addition to fractured bones and dislodged or broken teeth, hitting the windshield causes “spider cracks.” Broken glass can cut the face of the passengers. Facial lacerations can cause scarring and require plastic surgery to repair. Furthermore, deep lacerations of the face can damage the nerve structures in the face, leading to permanent injury.

Another common facial injury accident victims suffer is an injury to the jaw bone, specifically the Temporomandibular joint.

Here are some points you should know about an jaw injury:

  • Also called TMJ, the temporomandibular joint sits directly below the ears and is the hinge that allows us to talk and chew. TMJ injuries can be serious and require surgery to repair.
  • A TMJ injury can occur from a direct blow to the chin. The strike on the chin drives the lower jaw back into the joint, damaging the joint as well as the ligaments and muscles that operate the joint.
  • TMJ injury can also happen when a crash victim’s mouth shuts rapidly and forcefully.
  • TMJ injury can also occur when your head gets snapped backward when hit from behind.

Facial injuries may require invasive treatment to repair. Broken jaw bones might need to be wired shut so it can heal. A wired jaw may keep you out of work for a prolonged period. TMJ treatment can range from exercise to surgery to repair. Also, severe facial lacerations may result in scarring and disfigurement. A plastic surgeon may be able to repair the damage.  However, multiple surgeries may be necessary depending on the severity of the cuts. Similarly with dental injuries, you may need reconstructive surgery to repair your teeth or replace teeth lost in a car crash.

The amount of compensation you may receive for your facial or dental injuries depends on various factors. Those factors include whether your injuries are permanent, such as disfigurement or scarring, if you missed work, or suffered any lifestyle changes.

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