Facial Injuries Suffered in Illinois Auto Accidents

Manufacturing safer motor vehicles is a top priority. The latest technology not only serves to protect vehicle occupants from harm if a car is involved in a crash, but also can help avoid accidents. Notwithstanding all of these technological developments, motor vehicle accidents still occur. When they do, the occupants are at an elevated risk of suffering from a severe facial injury.

Shattered glass showering accident victims, as well as colliding with the hard interior components of the auto, can cause serious lacerations. Additionally, striking the steering wheel, dashboard, open glove box, door, or even the seat belt riding up can lead to severe, permanent facial injuries. The exploding airbag can also cause significant facial injuries.

Common Facial Injuries Victims Suffer in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Given the forces applied to the human body when trapped in a vehicle colliding with another object, the injuries could be catastrophic. Multiple injuries are indeed possible. The most common facial injuries we have experience handling are:

  • Deep lacerations from flying glass. These lacerations may result in permanent scarring even after having plastic surgeons repair the damage. Additionally, the psychological trauma of having one’s face permanently scarred can be very difficult to endure.
  • Broken bones are another common injury. The happen with the face collides with an object moving at high speeds. Multiple fractures can occur in a single accident. They are painful injuries that could require reconstructive surgery to repair.
  • Eye injuries can be caused by flying glass and debris. Shards of auto glass can penetrate the thin skin of the eyelid and damage the lens, pupil, and the cornea of the eye. These injuries may cause temporary or permanent blindness.
  • Burn and thermal injuries are not as common but can happen. Leaking fuel can spark a fire. The victim can get trapped in the car and suffer facial burns and injuries related to the extreme heat generated by a fire after a crash.


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