Failure to Stop Accident Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

Failure to Stop Accidents in Chicago, Illinois

Serious – even deadly – car accidents can result from careless driving behaviors and choices like speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and texting while driving. In each of these and other situations, a driver’s failure to stop his or her vehicle in a timely fashion can be the primary reason why a car wreck comes to pass. Cars and trucks that do not stop or slow down when they are required to do so can strike other vehicles with tremendous power and force, amplifying the severity of harm and damage to other motorists and passengers.

Aside from the rare crash caused by defective braking equipment on a car or truck, the vast majority of failure to stop incidents – nearly every one of them, in fact – are caused by driver inattentiveness or a careless decision on the part of a driver. Failing to see a stop sign, believing one can “beat” a yellow light, or not seeing that traffic up ahead is stopped are common ways in which failure to stop accidents occur. A driver who texts while driving or who is distracted by other things may be at an even greater risk of causing a failing to stop accident.

A driver who fails to stop and who causes an accident can be deemed responsible for any injuries or property damage that comes to pass as a result of the crash. Not only this, but Failure to Stop may be a traffic infraction that can result in the imposition of fines and have an adverse impact on a person’s driving privileges and insurance costs. For this reason, those accused of failing to stop may hire legal counsel in an attempt to defeat any criminal charges or civil lawsuits filed against him or her. Those hurt in failing to stop accidents may find the assistance of experienced legal counsel to be of benefit to them as well. 


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