Failure to Yield Accidents Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

Traffic laws are meant to enable cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles to safely share the limited space available on most roadways. For this reason, the traffic laws of many states regulate what vehicles have the “right-of-way” at intersections, when two roadways merge, when ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles are in use, and in other situations. These rules spell out what vehicle must surrender the “right-of-way” and yield to other traffic. When these rules are not followed – either because of a deliberate choice not to follow such rules or through simple inattentiveness – serious collisions and crashes can result.

Common reasons for failure-to-yield accidents include:

  • A vehicle at an intersection makes a left-hand turn in front of another, oncoming vehicle;
  • A truck attempting to merge onto a freeway fails to look for other traffic coming from behind before entering the freeway;
  • A car turns in front of an ambulance or fails to timely pull over for a police car approaching from the rear; and/or
  • Not stopping at a stop sign before proceeding through an intersection.

If you are involved in an auto accident, law enforcement officers may cite you or the other driver for Failure to Yield if the investigating officer(s) believe that you or the other driver did not follow the right-of-way laws of your state and that this led to the crash. While Failure to Yield can be punished with a fine in most states, a conviction for failing to yield can also lead to civil liability for the costs associated with anyone’s injuries as well as increased insurance premiums. In the same way, if another person failed to yield when required by law and you or your loved one was hurt in that accident, that person may be responsible for compensating you for any expenses or financial losses you suffered as a result.


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