Failure to Yield Motorcycles Accidents in Illinois

Not every motorcycle crash is the fault of the motorcycle rider. Although most motorists can claim they have observed a motorcycle rider weave in and out of traffic, speed through tight areas, rev their engine, or perhaps pull a stunt like pulling a “wheelie” or “endo” when the rider rides on either the front or rear wheel depending on the trick the rider is performing. Behaviors like those described reflect poorly on all motorcycle riders in addition to endangering everyone sharing the road with the bike at that time. 

Reckless motorcycle riders are the loud minority of motorcyclists. By contrast, the vast majority of motorcycle riders are safe, conscientious, and careful operators who are contented with safe riding and not being a showman. Despite the overwhelming majority of motorcycle riders who obey the rules of the road in Illinois, hundreds of motorcycle riders are hit each year by drivers who fail to yield to motorcycles.

Drivers who refuse or fail to yield to motorcycles create hazardous driving conditions for the motorcycle operator and all others on the road. The operator of a motor vehicle, be it a car, pickup truck, SUV, construction vehicle, tractor-trailer truck, or another vehicle, must be aware that motorcycles are on the road, especially in the summer weather. Therefore, drivers must pay rapt attention to the task that lies in their hands and not divides their attention between a GPS device, the radio, text messages, or even phone calls. Turning the eye away but for a fleeting moment can result in a motorcycle rider merging in front of the operator or from the operator’s side and cause an accident.

A motorcycle’s slender profile helps the vehicle conceal itself.  Therefore, drivers ought to be aware that looking quickly or just listening for oncoming vehicles without actively looking for possible dangers that include motorcycles causes many motorcycle accidents. 


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