Fatal Car Accident in Hanover Park, Illinois at Irving Park Road and Briar Lane

HANOVER PARK, IL- The chicago.suntimes.com writes that a man died in a collision on Saturday, December 8, 2018, in Hanover Park, Illinois. The collision occurred at about 6 in the morning at Irving Park Road and Briar Lane.*

The victim was identified as Karol Zaleski, 29 of Glendale Heights.  Zaleski was transported to the St. Alexius Center where he was declared dead about an hour after the collision.

The victim’s death was ruled an accident, andthe autopsy indicated that the victim was killed of multiple injuries that he suffered in the crash.

The family set up a fundraising page for the funeral expenses.

Intersections are locations where vehicles traveling in different directions meet meaning that the chances of accidents are high. About one in three crashes that occur at intersections involve stop signs. Many of these crashes involve a vehicle that is supposed to stop, but that fails to do soor does stop, but then starts again without yielding.When this occurs, the crashes are often severe because the cars strike at an angle. In most situations, drivers just failed to notice the other vehicle. Sometimes the view from the stop sign was obstructed, other times the driver just did not notice an oncoming vehicle.

Traffic lights are also problematic because the rate of drivers who run through red lights is shockingly high. One study found that drivers travel through red lights on average about one time every 20 minutes at every intersection. Hundreds of people are killed in red light running crashes annually.

One solution is to change intersections into roundabouts. Many studies have found that roundabouts have far fewer collisions and fatal crashes than traditional intersections.

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